How to create a web page? All you need to know

Designing a functional website that is also successful is very complicated since there are a lot of details to look at to achieve a user experience that invites you to visit it again. That is why the reason for the publication of this post is to indicate how to create a web page and transmit to the creators and business managers everything that must be done to get the best one.

Tips for creating a perfect website

Next, we leave you a series of tips on which every web designer should work. Keep in mind that based on them you will be able to capture the attention of a large number of visitors, and all that this implies that, in the end, is what will become a benefit.


To offer an elaborate web design but at the same time comfortable and pleasant to the eye, we offer you the following tips:

  • As the element that defines your brand is your logo, we recommend that you place it in a visible place in the upper area. This defines you and tells the user who is offering those resources that they are consuming on your site.
  • Don't use a design made up of more than three main colors.
  • Place all the elements in a logical way so that the user can follow a simple route.
  • Review the design and test it well before putting it on the market.
  • Always remember the maximum responsive design for everything; users are multi-device beings and will want to consult your site from different devices.

User experience

The key to user experience is to remember that everyone connects, as we have just seen from various devices, so the web must be adapted to these; that for granted. But, in addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • Always include a section for contact information so that the user can transmit what they need.
  • It includes a large number of videos and images, as they increase user interest.
  • Use a link to your social networks and, as far as possible, include a corporate blog where you can insert content related to your company or your products.


You must optimize the loading time of the web page because it is the main reason why users leave them. Therefore, when developing it, you must take this into account, in addition to some of the following points:

  • Do not include elements that delay the loading of the web.
  • Remember that safety is the most important; employ resources on it.
  • Eliminate duplicate code.

What not to do?

There are also things that should not be done when creating a web page, something that interests you even more than knowing what to do.

  • To avoid the user being overwhelmed, no more than three ads should be entered.
  • Do not put videos in auto play mode with sound.
  • Avoid changing the screen more than three times during the navigation for the same topic .

With all these tips, you know how to start and have the basis to create a website and some of those things that can lead to failure.

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