The importance of Google My Business for your Local SEO positioning

google my businessNot being familiar with the term Google My Business represents a cardinal sin for those businesses that aim to increase their presence in the online ecosystem. And don't worry if you don't know what it's about; It is never too late to find out about new tools that can help your company gain visibility on the Internet, or in this case, discover the importance of Google My Business for your Local SEO positioning.

Let's start by elucidating that Google My Business is a platform created by the American giant Google to offer information about your business in order to enhance its impact in the digital world, but at a local level.

In this way, Internet users will get your services more easily, establishing contact with your company from this same site and much more.

Discover the importance of Google My Business for your Local SEO positioning.

One of the peculiarities that many appreciate about this tool is that users will be able to know the exact location of your company through Google Maps , as well as favor SEO positioning . It also provides the opportunity to receive and manage customer comments. So you can start imagining the  importance of Google My Business for your Local SEO positioning.

Anyway, in this article we will share the most relevant details about this platform so that you are encouraged to be part of this community and expand your range of opportunities.

Why should you join My Business?

If there is any reason to register on this platform, it is that your business will appear on Google Maps, making it easier to locate in the real world. Not to mention that your potential clients will be able to access important information about your business such as working hours, what services it offers and where they can contact you.

And not only that, you can start taking advantage of the social network Google+ , a space where you can strengthen your company's image by creating original content of value for users. What can you share on this platform? Videos and images that generate a greater sense of closeness to your business, for example.

Now that we are talking about proximity, your profile will show reviews and opinions about your service which you can comment on . This means that this platform promotes interaction and helps establish a more intimate relationship between company and client.

Another reason to emphasize the importance of Google My Business for your Local SEO positioning, is that you will be able to analyze the influence that your company has on the platform and in your territorial area, using statistical data that will help you enhance your strategy and know if you are well on your way.

Google My Business encourages local SEO

There are several types of SEO , but there are two that are essential today: organic SEO that includes a series of technical settings, link generation and creation of quality content, and local SEO that will make you appear in Google search engines according to the user's location.

Google My Business is a tool that should be part of your local SEO strategy because it will ensure that the geographical area and reach of your business is amplified, making you appear in the top positions of Google.

Of course, subscribing will not ensure a first position on Google . You must have high ratings, publish quality content that offers detailed information about your services so that the platform rewards you.  For this you must meet the following requirements:

  • User reviews and impressions must be between 4 and 5 stars.
  • You need to respond to all comments with appreciation and in a professional way.
  • Try to do consistent and original work on photo posts and advertisements.

As you will see, this site will act as a great ally to position your page, blog or ecommerce , but it requires a lot of discipline and hard work to achieve it . If you are able to meet these requirements, knowing the importance of Google My Business for your Local SEO positioning will not have left you indifferent.

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