What to look for in a Web Design Agency

Aquamedia is a web design agency that offers innovative approaches to help you avoid extra spending. How? All our web design packages include SEO optimisation giving you a website that drives results.

We are proud to offer lower prices than other agencies.
We design and create fabulous unique websites with SEO in mind from the Planning Phase.

Although many companies seek SEO help years after launching their website, SEO should start at the beginning in the design stages of a website. Adjusting existing websites takes extensive work, but creating a foundation with SEO website design in mind can be a substantial time-saver.

Affordable SEO Web Design

By removing unnecessary costs, offering lower prices than other web design agencies.
SEO should be something you’re always thinking about and planning for, from the prospecting phase all the way to the launch date.


We are here to support you as much or as little as you need. As your business grows or changes we are on hand when you need us. We offer technical support for the life of your website. We take the time to get to know you and your market to create an honest SEO strategy that works.

Making Website Design Simple

Full Content Management
Each website we build gives you absolute control over the content management, which means that you are free to make updates of your website any time you want. You can update your site whenever you wish.

Let us make a difference in your website design

Your website design affects how people view your business.

Are you dreaming of an appealing website, blog, or online shop to increase your sales and ensure your business growth? Our web design agency is here to help you successfully cope with the task! We are your SEO agency Sydney businesses as a long-term partner for growth.

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    Professional web design, quality customer care and excellent prices. We believe in a straightforward, hassle free approach to web design, with our services tailored to each client’s unique needs.
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    Our team of multi-talented designers has extensive experience in all areas of design, offering a unique blend of creative and technical expertise.
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    In a crowded and chaotic world, the companies who stand out, who succeed, are those who communicate their brand and message most effectively and consistently.


Web Design  FAQs

A website design brief outlines the web design process, requirements, Target audience, Goals and objectives. The process of usability ensures that the user is kept at the heart of the design process.
At the start of any process for us is the question, '' Who's going to be using the site?'', and it is also a matter of ''How are they going to use it?''

In many cases, a user will come to a website with a clear idea of what they want from the site, and a reasonable idea of how they want to get it. It is the designer's job to anticipate these requirements. Anticipating how consumers will interpret and use the interface is critical to the success of the site.

We custom design a website and we tailor it to your business goals and outcomes. Custom design offers a completely unique design built to meet your brand requirements.

One of the benefits of custom design is Flexibility To Make Changes & Stay Current.
Custom website designs also focus on front-end SEO as each page includes keyword rich content that search engines like Google value.

Here are 3 benefits of custom website design

1. Website Design Tailored to your branding

Through custom web design, a business can give their website a personalized touch and a unique user experience.
Web users are individuals with different interests and tastes- and want to be treated as such. Personalisation means that the user gets bespoke content or services that are tailored to their tastes.

2. Customer Experience-Optimized Design

Website customization also enables a business to build a site focused on delivering real business results via an optimal structure and user experience.
When structuring a website there are a number of considerations to do with making it navigable and usable, and thereby enhancing the user's experience of the site - they must be able to find what they want and get to it easily. This is of paramount importance: no users, no point in having a site.

However, is also important to make sure that not everything the user wants to find is available on the home page, - after their interest has been engaged, they will be prepared to click through and find other items of interest. The content and site design must quickly engage interest and build trust, so that the user will explore further.

3. Increased Search Engine Optimization

For our Small Business Website Packages our Process ensures you get your website up and running within 30 days, whilst some of our larger customised and integrated Ecommerce solutions can take anywhere up to and including 8-12 weeks depending on the size, scope & process required.

It’s worth noting, a website project is a two-way street and we typically find that delays can be caused by client’s taking time to provide final content (words & images), feedback & final approvals.

Your new website or online store will be online in 4 to 6 weeks after accepting the quote. Depending on the characteristics and complexity of your web project.
The web design plans show the estimated development times for each stage, if the project requires any extra functionality, the estimated time will be specified in the budget.

On our quotes, we often include a brief outline of what will be involved in building a new website. This can help our clients understand what they need to prepare for as well as give them an idea of how much time is required for each phase.

We create your website in a few weeks thanks to an exclusive method that guarantees a high quality result. We turn your ideas into a reliable and efficient website. In addition, we advise you at each stage to achieve your goals.

1-Web Design Brief
Commonly our clients will have a clear idea of what they require and provide us with the requirements you need in your website. This allows us to better understand the client's business and the target markets they're trying to attract.

2- Providing Information

When starting the project, you will be asked to send, in an organized way, all the information that you want to show on your pages , for example: logo, texts, images, etc.

The information must be organized by sections , this means that depending on how many pages / tabs your site contains, you must send the content of each them in a text file (word, powerpoint, excel).

3- Analysis

Once all the information you want to show on your website (logo, images and texts) has been sent , we will carry out an analysis of the project to determine what is the best structure for each of your pages, focusing on your needs and requirements.

Always ensuring that our design proposal is compatible with the most popular search engines. (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

4- Design

Once we're clear on what our client needs, we'll then do a selection of web design layouts which will cover the critical sections of the website.

Design proposals will be sent to you , from which you can choose the one that you like the most and if you need to make all the changes that are necessary for you to be satisfied with the design.

Once you have chosen the final proposal, we will begin developing your website

The images are required in JPG and / or PNG format with a minimum size of 800 pixels to achieve a good resolution on mobile devices.

5- Development

We give the go-ahead to web developers to carry out the specified final layout work and development of specific functionalities.

Finally, we will proceed to send you a link so that you can be aware of the development process and make the latest changes.
Once the client is satisfied, the payment of the other 50% is made, we register the site in search engines, the documentation with videos is delivered.

To get started with a new website simply visit our Get Started Page.

We will provide you with our Website Briefing Form to assist you in identifying the size, scope and process you need.

To start with the development of the website we also need 2 things: the logo of your company and the content of each page / sections that your website will have; You can send us the text of your site in a Word file or any other word processor.