The importance of a Google Shopping strategy for an ecommerce

The way users buy has changed over time. We have reached the point where you can place orders from home through a platform that centralizes the services of companies in the same sector, simply by typing a few words in a search engine . But the online stores that are on the second page of these after doing a search have very little chance of receiving visits, so you can understand the importance of having a Google Shopping strategy for an ecommerce to appear in the first position.

Appearance of Google Shopping

In 2011 Google Shopping appeared as a Google functionality that was going to give a boost to the consumer experience of customers. It is a kind of product counter of those stores that are registered in the service. Depending on the search made by the user, some results or others appear depending on the sponsorships. Products can be searched either by brand, category, or simply by entering meaningful keywords; You will always have results comparing products if there are strategies that include these concepts on the part of the sellers.

How does Google Shopping work?

When we do a specific search in Google, those results of your Shopping tool are seen at the top or to the right, it depends on the design that Google decides to use, as it is something that changes (the thing is that they are well visible). Any advertiser who wants their products to appear must pay for it , as is done if they want to show an ad in a privileged position.

To do this, it is necessary to have an account created in Google Merchant Center and integrate with Google Adwords, which is what moves everything in the world of Google advertising services.

Once this is done, and within Adwords, you can create your sales campaign and set the price of the products. In addition, you can configure your own sales campaign and create offers on the products that interest you.

The more detailed the information on the products you want to sell, the more matches will be created in Google Shopping and your product will appear in more searches. You must create identifiers, names description, links to the store, availability of the product, promotions ... But if you need to know more, you can review the center helps Google Merchant Center or, of course, leave it to experts in digital marketing creation a bell.

What benefits does this sales advertising system bring to companies?

There are several very important benefits that we go on to detail below and that make, without a doubt, you can consider the importance of a Google Shopping strategy .

  • Greater number of visits to the virtual store. If your products are on Google Shopping , the click-through rate in your store will be very high. Users can find price data and product images in record time and, if they are attractive, they will enter. Afterwards, it is your task that they keep providing interesting content and simple and attractive purchase options.
  • The user has faster access to the characteristics of the product, so that they can get a better idea of ​​whether they still need it or not.
  • When accessing a product from Google Shopping, filters have already been passed that in a normal search it is the user who has to narrow it down, so that we avoid being ignored.
  • Greater presence in searches . Logically, if Google is paid to publish and position the ad, it must be shown many times, always, of course, depending on how we have made the strategy.
  • In addition, your products are monitored, so that a study of the performance of each of them and the number of clicks received by users can be carried out.

With all that we have just synthesized, without a doubt, the importance of a Google Shopping strategy for an ecommerce stands out . So if you have an online store and want to start making money, we recommend that you try a strategy that includes this great resource as soon as possible.

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