APPS to make your Instagram Stories stand out

The Instagram Stories here to stay. Every time with more filters (that the same users of the social network can create), typologies, infinite colors, gifts and good music. Instagram Stories is the king of social media engagement .

The importance of your stories on instagram

Contact your audience and make them stay showing them stories that may interest them. The good thing about stories is that followers consume them quickly , it is not necessary to scroll the screen, that the content passes by itself and allows a direct and more intimate dialogue with your followers . In addition, by having a higher resolution than a post, the immersion is greater and the visual experience more pleasant.

Although the Instagram tool itself has many useful extras to make our content something original and different to show, there are other practically free apps that will make you have even more remarkable content.

Featured tools for instragram

  • Story Art : Collages and corporate content .

This application is as fine as it is intuitive. You can create your own visual guides, use templates, filters and it has a special covers section for your featured Instagram stories .

Although many of the templates are paid, you will also find a great variety of them for free use . It allows you to create corporate content , with simple but impressive lines. They divide their templates with descriptive names to guide you according to the content you want to create; minimal, film, watercolor, girlish, etc.

  • Life Lapse : If you are one of those who like to create original and totally unique content for your networks, this is your application. With Life Lapse you can create Stop Motion videos from your mobile device. In addition, it includes different editing tools, speeds, filters and music. It offers some PRO options, for payment, within the application.


  • Mojo : Without a doubt one of my favorite applications to give even more movement to my Instagram Stories .

There are multiple different applications to edit your Instagram Stories , so you simply have to let your creativity flow when making your own designs. Keep in mind that the content you create has to be consistent with your brand image and follow the lines of your branding. Take advantage of the confinement time to investigate and make new creations that are sure to impact and add more than one follower. If you liked this post, do not hesitate to visit our blog and keep up to date with all our publications!

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