Resources to improve an ecommerce and its conversion

When a user comes to your online store, it is because they have an immediate, short or medium-term need to buy any of the products in ecommerce . Only a small percentage of the visits that the online store receives usually translates into sales. Why does this happen? Perhaps due to the inexistence or inadequate management of resources to improve an ecommerce and its conversion.

And, as you already know, optimizing the conversion rates of your digital business is important if you want to generate profits.

Therefore, in this post we will share some tips to increase the chances of converting your website visitors into buyers. Pay attention!

Make your products the protagonists

The way you show and describe the products in your online store is essential to focus on high conversion rates. The architecture web is one of the primary resources we have to improve an ecommerce and conversion. Define well the categories of your products, study the interaction of users on our website, and then design a simple, intuitive and hierarchical web architecture.

Other resources to improve an ecommerce and its conversion are images . They must be of the highest quality, large, clean and accompanied by other images that show the same product from different angles. In this way we will give the user complete visual information that satisfies him, a vital aspect in the phase of the purchase process in which he is. Also, it will make our products more attractive.

This is an aspect that not only works for online stores, but also for corporate websites whose design and images of the services, equipment and other information is vital to transmit the desired corporate image, and for users to absorb the web agilely and without error what type of company they are visiting.

And you don't have to be a marketing expert to know that a good image can help increase conversions. Although it is highly recommended to make product photos more interactive so that customers have the opportunity to zoom in or rotate them.

On the other hand, let's not forget that the description is also vital. You may have super attractive images, but if you only keep the manufacturer's information, the chances of generating sales will be reduced, and this will not help your SEO.

So focus on writing descriptions that encompass product features and benefits in a fun, consistent way that doesn't create false expectations.

In other words, don't be too salesy when writing descriptions, but don't be afraid of going into detail either. A well-written review, followed by bullet points outlining product information, is a good strategy to drive purchase .

Facilitate the final action of buying as a resource to improve your ecommerce and conversion

The most relevant e-commerce on a global scale such as eBay and Amazon have ended the headache of buying online. How? They have known how to properly use resources to improve an ecommerce and its conversion , eliminating all the barriers that make it difficult to make a purchase during the visit of customers.

We always advise "putting yourself in the shoes" of the buyer. How? Facilitating the product search through clear search functions.

And when locating the product, the ideal is that users will find good images and descriptions that push the user to decide on our product / service and there is more chance that they will end up on the "Buy" button, which, everything is That said, it should never be too hard to find. And it is that for any self-respecting customer, it is very annoying to come across a messy online store where finding the "Buy" button is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Live chat support for customers

You may think that we are exaggerating, but a live chat support (chatbot) aimed at customers is one of the best resources to improve an ecommerce and its conversion Any customer service method, even more sales-oriented, will help support the potential customer from our brand, which will result in increasing sales and improving the performance of your online store.

Regarding chatbots, you have to give a quick, agile and accurate response as possible , in order to satisfy the user and resolve their questions or queries. It is a vital attitude that has its share of relevance when the potential customer decides to buy from us. It is as simple as knowing that if we give an optimal and professional solution and answer to those who ask us about a product or service, our brand image will be reinforced before that potential client, and therefore, before their contacts, since it is almost certain that will recommend us when the time comes, and the conversion rate of our ecommerce will be higher and higher.

Reduce cart abandonment

There are several elements that are associated with cart abandonment . Perhaps the most important is the cost of shipping. Therefore, it is very common to see that almost all online retailers offer free shipping.

If for your online store a free shipping is not an acceptable option, we recommend that you consider the alternative of offering free shipping when buying more than a limited amount of money occurs as a resource to improve ecommerce and the conversion rate.

If shipping is not a problem, evaluate if your online business has other obstacles to customers making a sale. Other problems that often cause difficulties in generating conversions are:

  • Slow loading pages
  • Forced registrations
  • Password difficulties
  • Difficult security questions
  • Time-consuming forms

Send an abandoned shopping cart email

Don't rule out the option of sending emails to fix abandoned shopping cart issues. For them it is essential to have implemented a thorough web analytics strategy to know the volume of abandoned carts, and the reasons.

It never hurts to send a reminder to your customers that they abandoned the shopping cart. It has been proven that by sending this type of email within the following 3 hours, an average of an open rate of 40% and a click-through rate of 20% is achieved.

We assure you that if you put these resources into practice to improve an ecommerce and its conversion, the sales of your online store will increase little by little. Of course, be very patient!

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