Planning your website

What kind of website are you planning to build?

A Business site

You may need just a few pages to present your business and the services it provides, and perhaps additionally give some information about projects you’ve worked on or samples of previous work you’ve done. This kind of site is often referred to as a ‘’brochure’’ site.

If this is the case, a simple website may be all you require. However, if you are planning to create something that looks slicker or has a more corporate feel, you will want to look at the selection of business themes.

A portfolio site

Creatives, such as artists, designers and photographers, will need to showcase their work online to display portfolios.

A Magazine (or blog) site

This covers both personal blogs and news or magazine sites focused around a particular field of interest

An E-Commerce site

Are you going to be selling from your site? There are quite a few options for doing this, designed specifically as an online store.

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