Blogging: First steps for creating your blog

blog creationDuring this confinement we have had a lot of time to create and think about new ways to transmit our knowledge. Sharing them through a blog is a great idea to reach a wide audience and be able to monetize your content.

Find your niche

It is important to have a clear target audience to create a connection with your niche and for your blog to be positioned in an agile and fast way.

We currently find a wide variety of blogs that talk about all kinds of topics. In order not to be one more, it is important that we specialize in a specific topic within the sector that we want to address. Therefore, it is extremely important to be clear from the beginning who we are addressing, that is, what is our niche market . The more and better defined our niche is, the less competition we will have and therefore it will be easier to become segment leaders.

Steps to follow to define our market niche:

  • Be very clear about the sector that we are going to tackle and what our real capacities and knowledge are on the subject.
  • Define in which subject or subjects we are going to specialize.
  • Project into the future. Is it a topic that will continue to interest the public over time? Is it a topic that will continue to interest me over time?
  • Research the competition. As in almost all plans, studying the competition is key, to know what to do and what not to do and thus create your own strategy .
  • Define your niche. To define it, it is important to personify it, that is, to think of the niche as if it were a single person, also known by marketers as the buyer person . For that, we will need to imagine the age, gender, nationality, educational level, purchasing power, job, hobbies and interests that people interested in our content are likely to have. Defining who we are targeting will help us create a better strategy.


Define the name of your project

In many cases the positioning of a blog depends, to a large extent, on the choice of a good name.

A good name has to be easy to remember , representative of the topic at hand, short, original and long-lasting, that is, it should not be chosen for mere fashion. It is important that it is a timeless name. What we want is to stay in the minds of our users and be remembered. If we want to create a more international blog, it is important to check that its name does not have undesirable, grotesque or double meaning in other languages.

Steps to follow to create the name:

  • Brainstorming; the famous brainstorming of advertisers. Write everything that comes to mind in relation to the description we have made in the definition of the niche. Brainstorming has better results if it is done in a group, encourage your family or friends to participate, surely good ideas come together.
  • Search: Once you have selected the ones you like the most, do a search in the different search engines , domain buyers and social networks to find out if there is already one the same or similar, and thus be able to discard it from your selection.
  • Brand registration: Your blog will be your project and also your brand . If your intention is to generate long-term economic benefits , you must register the name as a trademark.

Logo and graphic identity

Once the name has been chosen, it will be much easier to define the logo , the graphic identity and the style of the blog.

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