Facebook ADS or Google ADS?

Where is it better to invest our money to make a good online campaign?

Tools to control our online competition.

When you have an online business , one of the most frequently asked questions is; Where should we invest in marketing for your business on online platforms?

To make this decision it is essential to carry out a prior marketing plan to know our potential market, the competitive environment and the most related platforms. The marketing plan is essential to achieve good results for your business or project.

Identify your customer and potential market

There are digital tools that will allow you to understand who your potential customer may be and the possible demand that may exist for your product or service. We highlight Google Trends , a free Google tool that allows you to observe all the terms that are being searched on the platform and their evolution over time. It is also an ideal tool to know what the current trends are and understand how we search for people through the internet, and thus know the behavior of the online consumer.

What platforms are more related to my business?

Every business has more affinity with a platform . Normally, those businesses that respond to a specific need are more akin to Google (for example, airline tickets, a hotel night or the mechanic closest to our home), while other businesses that are not always related to a specific need They tend to work better on Facebook (for example a new brand of t-shirts, a new app and in general most direct sales products related to retail or new technologies).

How do you know which platforms should, a priori, give better results to a project so that you can better assess where you should invest more time and money with your campaigns?

We have several tools at our disposal that will help us to analyze our competitive environment, and thus, have an idea of ​​how to move our business in the digital environment .

Facebook Ads Library : Used to search all the campaigns that other companies have or have had in recent years on this platform. We can select by years and countries and learn more about the ads made by our competition .

This will serve as an example to know what type of content is the most successful according to the sector and in which it is worth investing more money, copies, consumer behavior in front of these campaigns, results obtained, etc.

SEMrush : We use this tool especially to analyze competitor Google campaigns . It will work for us both in the case of organic positioning analysis (SEO) and in the case of paid campaigns (SEM). It is a paid tool although it has a free version from which we can extract a lot of data without having to pay. With it we can see if our competitors are bidding on Google , what keywords are bidding, which are the competitors and what type of ads they are making. The cost per click, your position in Google according to the most searched words, etc.

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