How to improve the loading speed of my website?

WPO: What is it and why is it important to apply it on a website

The design and creation of web pages is no longer like in the past, browsing an increasingly competitive internet, the old strategies are obsolete and we have to innovate so that Don Google gives us his approval and, therefore, we appear when any user do a search. And for that to happen now, we must add, to a lot of points, the WPO. You do not know what it is?

What is WPO?

WPO is the acronym for the Web Performance Optimization concept , which refers to the optimization of websites in relation to their loading times.

It is a treatment that is given to the site to improve this parameter, just as we can do with SEO. In fact, it becomes part of SEO, as one more action to be carried out at a time when so much importance is given to the loading speed of the sites, to the point that it determines whether or not it appears in results. .

And in order to apply a WPO to our site, obviously, we must know what affects these times, in order to make corrections and improvements.

How to improve the loading speed of my website?

If you ask yourself, calm down, this is the heart of the matter and we are going to tell you what are the factors that influence this and how to start with the WPO of your website when before.

  • Type of server: You're going to find them kicking, so many that you won't even know which one to decide on. Pay attention to those aspects that will best suit you for that specific site based on its nature, traffic, etc. and, of course, also considering the technical aspects of each of the servers you are considering.
  • Use of the cache: Have the cache active so that users, once they enter, save a copy of the site and do not have to reload it.
  • Optimized code: It is common, when looking at the ins and outs of a site, to see a lot of code that does not work and was never deleted, duplicate lines, paths longer than they should ... The code is what the site is made of, way that is what is read, and the more there is the longer it takes. Watch out for whitespace, bytes and indents; if they are not needed, get out! It compresses PHO, JavaScripts and HTML documents and separates the documents according to the language used.
  • Optimized resources: Everything you incorporate on your website should be optimized to ease its burden. Images, buttons, videos… everything!
  • Compression: Yes, it is not only necessary to optimize the additions; you can compress the site itself, as it is also a document.
  • Using a CDN: This is a specific server load reduction software that allows you to access your resources from other nearby servers in the cloud.

Plugins: These add milliseconds of load. Get rid of all those that do not serve you and find a way to relate actions and circumstances, combining them in a single plugin, if it exists. As much as they are free or that they cause you sympathy, if they are not really useful for the site say goodbye.

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